Your Guide To Sounding Like A Native, Anywhere

It always seems like everyone else has an accent, but no matter where you’re from, culture has a way of influencing its development. One of the clearest ways to tell that someone is a transplant from somewhere else is by the way they speak.

These recent graphs below not only show where particular dialects are geographically located, but also help teach us a little about ourselves and why we say the things we say. They could also provide a nice reference for native terminology and accents in various parts of the U.S.

I  personally found out exactly why I had never heard of the term “bubbler,” which is the inspiration behind Milwaukee’s new bike share program called the Bublr, as Micki and I discussed on the first edition of the Curbing Cars Podcast.

If you’d like to explore your own accent further, take this NY Times quiz.

01 - K9pZzzo

02 - rxL66Ob

03 - RHe9c7X

04 - walct1X

05 - OwnKkuZ

06 - wlE1TEX

07 - iJSzGEy

08 - fbBrSid

09 - 2fhJIDY

10 - YAP2l58

11 - AcENjMm

12 - uCKVxmu

13 - B3qIryo

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