About Curbing Cars

Curbing Cars (Cover)Curbing Cars: Rethinking How We Get Around is a new journalism project looking at changing attitudes toward personal transportation. Curbing Cars completed its initial fundraising on Kickstarter in August 2013, and our first eBook is now available from Forbes.

We’re a resource for information about why Americans are driving less, and turning to a portfolio of transportation options. We’re especially interested in trends among young people as well as the concept of “driving light.” That means relying on a mix of transportation that includes personal cars, as well as bicycling, bike sharing, car sharing, public transit, and walking.

Curbing Cars is exploring at what these changes mean for cities and communities, and we’re studying what all this means to the future of the auto industry. We see transportation as a spectrum, not as a single choice, and our journalism focuses on all the aspects of getting around.

Read more about Curbing Cars, our work and the social trends that prompted the project, in this cover story in the Columbia Journalism Review.

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Curbing Cars Founder and Editor Micheline Maynard is available to speak with your news organization or group, in person, Web chat, or Skype or Google Chat. Please email her at vmaynard@umich.edu for more information.