Honor Roll

This page honors the people who support Curbing Cars, through our Kickstarter and their donations. We would not be here without you. Thank you very much! If you would like to join this merry band of backers, please click “Donate” on the front page of our website, and we’ll add you to the list.

Champions of Journalism

Anonymous (2)

Ian Austen

Mike Bauer

Maxine Clapper

John Harwood

Matthew Healey

David Cay Johnston

Frank Maynard

Dennis O’Shea

Tim Race

Monica Talan

Frank Dan Williams, Sr.

John Williams

Curbing Cars Partners

Nick Bunkley

Dustin Dwyer

Dorie Greenspan

Joe Nocera

Madhulika Sikka

Curbing Cars Friends

Victoria Arbiter

Pete Bigelow

Jaclyn Carfagno

Aaron Cherny

Robert Claney

Michael de la Merced

Michael Indelicato

P.J. Joshi

Bill Koenig

Doug Levy

Joseph Lichterman

Angel Madison

Grant Martin

Nancy Meier

Bill Milliken

Mark Navin

Kevin Pang

Kim Quillen

Mark Remillard

Brad Shortt

Grace Singleton

C. Brown Thomas

Curbing Cars Teammates

Sarah Bryant

David Gallagher

Joanne C. Gerstner

Kimberly Johnson

Alexander Hawson

Avery Morrow