Academic Resources

Curbing Cars’ research director Rick Meier has compiled this list of background resources for following the evolving transportation landscape. Additional suggestions? Please email us at

Journals & Periodicals



      Accident Analysis and Prevention


      Annals of Regional Science


      Computers, Environment and Urban Systems


      Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering


      European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research


      European Transport




      Growth and Change


      IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems


      International Journal of Logistics Management


      International Journal of Sustainable Transportation


      International Journal of Transport Management


      International Journal of Transport Economics


      Internet Journal of Cooper@tive Tr@nsport@tion Dyn@mics


      ITE Journal


      Journal of the American Planning Association


      Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering (ASCE)


      Journal of Engineering Education


      Journal of Infrastructure Systems (ASCE)


      Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning and Operations


      Journal of Maps


      Journal of Safety Research


      Journal of Transport and Land Use


      Journal of Transport Geography


      Journal of Transport Economics and Policy


      Journal of Transportation Engineering (ASCE)


      Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology


      Journal of the Transportation Research Forum


      Journal of Urban Economics


      Journal of Urban Planning and Development (ASCE)


      Maritime Economics and Logistics


      Maritime Policy and Management




      Public Roads


      Transport Policy


      Transport Reviews




      Transportation Journal


      Transportation Research. Part A – Policy and Practice


      Transportation Research. Part B – Methodological


      Transportation Research. Part C – Emerging Technologies


      Transportation Research. Part D – Transport and Environment


      Transportation Research. Part E – Logistics and Transportation Review


      Transportation Research. Part F – Traffic Psychology & Behaviour


      Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board


      Transportation Science


      Urban Studies


      World Transport Policy and Practice



Periodicals and Trade Journals


      Access Magazine


      Container Management Magazine




      ITS International


      Journal of Commerce


      Lloyd’s List


      Mass Transit


      Port Technology International






      Traffic Engineering and Control





      The Oil Drum


      Urban Demographics


Academic Resources


Links to Recent Scholarly Articles



Moving Off the Road: State-by-State Analysis of the National Decline in Driving (USPIRG, 2013)



Changing North American vehicle-travel price sensitivities: Implications for transport and energy policy



Getting out of the CAR: decarbonisation, climate change and sustainable society



Has Motorization in the U.S. Peaked? & Part II: Use of Light-Duty Vehicles



Causes of youth licensing decline: A synthesis of evidence



Toward Understanding the Recent Large Reductions in the Proportion of Young



Graduated driver licensing research, 2010-present



Using online discussion forums to study attitudes toward cars and transit among young people in Victoria



Ridesharing in north america: Past, present, and future



Not driving alone? American commuting in the twenty-first century



Driving out of choices: An investigation of transport modality in a university sample



The Decline of the British Motor Industry (Routledge Revivals): The Effects of Government Policy, 1945-79



Forward Drive: The Race to Build the Clean Car of the Future



Cycling Cities



Big City Cycling in Europe, North America, and Australia



Turning cities inside out: transportation and the resurgence of downtowns in North America



Bicycling renaissance in North America?: Recent trends and alternative policies to promote bicycling



Integration of cycling with public transportation



Examining the Cycle: How Perceived and Actual Bicycling Risk Influence Cycling Frequency, Roadway Design Preferences, and Support for Cycling Among Bay Area Residents



Cycling trends & policies in Canadian cities John Pucher & Ralph Buehler


Integration of cycling with public transportation



How to Increase Bicycling for Daily Travel (Active Living Research, 2013)



Consumer Behavior and Travel Choices: A Focus on Cyclists and Pedestrians



Cycling to work in 90 large American cities: new evidence on the role of bike paths and lanes



Bicycling the Gap: A mixed method study examining bicyclists in New York City and the interactions they share with the Metro Transportation Authority Subway System, and the New York Waterway Ferry System



Can PRT overcome the conflicts between public transport and cycling?



Determinants of bicycle commuting in the Washington, DC region: The role of bicycle parking,cyclist showers, and free car parking at work



The politics of urban congestion pricing: cautionary tales from New York



Analyzing Connections between Bicycle Transportation and Public Health: Case Studies of Two Minneapolis Communities



Analyzing Connections between Bicycle Transportation and Public Health



Planning, place-making and building consensus for transit-oriented development: Ogden, Utah case study



International Overview: Cycling Trends in Western Europe, North America, and Australia



Convenience for the car-borne shopper: Are malls and shopping strips driving customers away?



Cycling infrastructure as a first mile solution for mass transit access in Singapore: a study of MRT ridership in Singapore towns



An empirical tool to evaluate the safety of cyclists: Community based, macro-level collision prediction models using negative binomial regression



Causal Exploration of Bike Accidents in the Bay Area



Cycling in Small Cities



Electric Bikes and Transportation Policy






Bike Share: A Synthesis of the Literature



Personal vehicle sharing services in North America



Optimizing the location of stations in bike-sharing programs: A GIS approach



Exploring carsharing usage motives: A hierarchical means-end chain analysis,



An evaluation framework for assessing the impact of public bicycle share schemes



Factors affecting the adoption of vehicle sharing systems by young driver




Better Understanding of Factors Influencing Likelihood of Using Shared Bicycle Systems and Frequency of Use




An analysis of university employee car-sharers in Los Angeles



The Role of Bicycle-Sharing in the City: Analysis of the Irish Experience







What Transit Is and Does



More Development for Your Transit Dollar: An Analysis of 21 North American Transit Corridors



Ridership drivers of bus rapid transit systems




Study of Modal Shifts to Bus Rapid Transit in Chinese Cities



The Geography of Transport Systems



The transit metropolis: a global inquiry



The New Suburbs: Evolving travel behavior, the built environment, and subway investments in Mexico City



Examination of the Theory and Practicality of Alternative and Realistic Funding Sources for Transportation, with an Emphasis On Transit and and Other Sustainable Modes




Exploring the relationship between consumer behavior and mode choice



Making Transit Fun!: How to Entice Motorists from Their Cars (and onto their feet, a bike, or bus)



Montréal at the Crossroads, edited by Pierre Gauthier, Jochen Jaeger, and Jason Princer




Transit to eternal youth: lifecycle and generational trends in Greater Montreal public transport modeshare



Light rail transit in Hamilton: health, environmental and economic impact analysis


Rethinking Light Rail Transit Planning in Hamilton, Ontario: A Comparative Review and Critical Assessment



The Impact of the Suburbanization of Employment on Transit Modal Share: A Toronto Region Case Study



Reimagining a legacy transit system: Lessons from Wilmington, Delaware (SSTI and DelDOT, 2013)



Putting Transit to Work in Main Street America: How Smaller Cities and Rural Places Are Using Transit and Mobility Investments to Strengthen Their Economies and Communities



The Trade-Offs of Transferring Demand Risk on Urban Transit Public–Private Partnerships





Epilogue: The Seven Mobility Culture Temperaments of Cities


Transportation–land-use interaction: empirical findings in North America, and their implications for modeling (Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment)


Development of Tools for Assessing Wider Economic Benefits of Transportation (TRB, 2013)