Who We Are

Editor And Founder: Micheline Maynard

Intern: Colin Beresford

Senior Editor and Advisory Board Member: Claudia Payne

Advisory Board Member: Donica Mensing

Advisory Board Member: Ian Austen

Micheline Maynard is an award winning journalist, author and educator. She is an alumni of NPR’s Here & Now, where she was senior editor for the daily news show heard by 4.5 million listeners on 450 stations across the U.S.  She spent six years on the staff of The New York Times, where she was Detroit bureau chief and senior business correspondent, and another four years as a Times contributor. She led Changing Gears, the public media project reporting on the future of the Industrial Midwest, and has taught at University of Michigan, Arizona State University and Central Michigan University. She writes The Check blog at Forbes.com, focusing on food and business. Her six books include The End of Detroit: How The Big Three Lost Their Grip On The American Car Market, as well as the Curbing Cars eBook from Forbes. She drives a Toyota Prius, rides a Schwinn, uses public transportation and walks wherever she can.

Colin Beresford is a student at the University of Michigan and a staff member at the Michigan Daily.

Claudia Payne was part of the team that produced the Times‘ series on global terrorism, which won a Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting in 2002. She also created special recurring sections for the emerging subjects of personal technology, the new wealth and philanthropy, and energy. Working together, she and Micki developed the Business Travel section and produced the annual Cars section. (It was this story that inspired the Curbing Cars project, so you could say we owe it all to her!)

Donica Mensing is an award winning journalism educator at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, and sits on the Curbing Cars advisory board. Donica will help us track trends, strategize our crowd sourcing, and incorporate student voices into Curbing Cars. She has been teaching Web journalism since 1997, when she used Claris Home Page (does anyone remember that?) to build websites optimized for Netscape. She moved through the Dreamweaver and Drupal phases and is now a Word Press evangelist.

Ian Austen is the Times’ Canada correspondent, based in Ottawa. Read his award winning coverage here.

Reach any member of the Curbing Cars team at curbingcars@gmail.com