Have You Tried Out Bike Sharing? Send Us Your Bike Share Review

Bay Area Bike Share kicked off this week.

Bay Area Bike Share kicked off this week.

By Micheline Maynard

It’s been the summer of bike sharing! This week, Bay Area Bike Share (or as we’re thinking of it, BABS) kicked off in the San Francisco area. Meanwhile, Chicago is getting to know Divvy Bikes, and New York has thrown its arms around Citi Bike.

They’re just part of the bike sharing movement that has literally swept the world, from Paris to Shanghai, Montreal to Chattanooga. College campuses have bike sharing, and so do many cities around North America.

Have you tried out one of these systems, either in your home town or as a visitor? If so, we’d like you to send us your Bike Share Review.

As we’re doing with My Transportation Diary, we’ll be running these regularly at Curbing Cars. Our first one is ready to go this weekend.

Here’s what we’d like to know: 1) Which bike sharing program you tried

2) How often you ride (if it was just once, that’s okay!)

3) Which route you tried

4) Are you a member? Did you join before or after your initial ride? How much have you spent?

5) Any general impressions of your experience. How did the bike feel? How did you feel in traffic or on a bike path?

Photos and video would be most welcome, of course. Send your Bike Share Review to curbingcars@gmail.com.

Fell free to share our request with anyone you know who uses bike sharing, anywhere. We’re hoping for a mix of places and we might combine a few reviews, if we get a lot from one city.

You’re the best audience to tell us what to think of bike sharing. Let’s see how it’s working.



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