Bike Share Review: Getting Around The Mile High City

By Micheline Maynard

Denver is known for its Nuggets, the Broncos and its mountains. But many of us don’t automatically think of it as a bike sharing city.

Denver B-Cycle riders.

However, the system known as Denver B-Cycle has a regular rider in Tim Baldwin, an associate with the transportation consulting firm of Steer Davies Gleave.

Here is Tim’s B-Cycle review.

“Our firm recently moved to a new office in the Lower Downtown area of Denver.  While it is a beautiful office in a wonderful location, it is about four blocks away from Denver’s 16th Street Mall and its free shuttle bus, which we use to get to and from meetings around downtown (primarily at RTD-Denver and the City and County of Denver).

Luckily, we have a B-Cycle bike sharing station right outside our office, so we use it at every opportunity to go to and from our meetings.

In the hot summer months, it is actually faster (and cooler!) than walking down to catch the shuttle, especially with Denver’s well-marked bike lanes (the city recently opened a new bike facility on a major downtown roadway and included bike-only signals, a first for Denver).

The annual cost is $80, and individual rides are then free if they are shorter than 30 minutes.  Almost everyone in our office uses it, and we keep bike helmets around for us to use when we head out.”

Thanks, Tim! It’s good to know you’re keeping safe.

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