A Guide To The World’s Top 10 Public Transportation Cities


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Of all the cities across the U.S., only one has landed in the top 10 of the world’s best transportation cities, according to Jalopnik. New York grabbed the final spot on the list for its historic subway system that, despite its age, has been able to stand up to quite a lot. An example: it quickly returning to service after being flooded during Hurricane Sandy.

Germany has a strong grasp on quality transportation systems. Jalopnik put three of the country’s cities on the list: Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Berlin claimed ninth because it’s punctual and has quiet rail lines, and because the city is seemingly saturated with transportation.

Frankfurt took seventh for its interesting system where riders pay for a ticket to their final destination, allowing riders to “take all day to get to that destination if you choose by getting on and off the transit as often as you like. You’ve paid for the whole day until you’ve reached the final destination.”

Finally, Munich reached number three in part for its incredibly fast service, which, according to Jalopnik, has the city providing trains every two minutes during peak hours in its central corridor.A few other European hubs made the list including Paris and London.

Several Asian countries were represented on the list and that includes Tokyo for its crowded, but vast subway network.

The top two spots on the list were both claimed by Asian cities. Singapore came in second, with Jalopnik writing the city’s subway is like Tokyo’s, only cleaner and with less of a crowd. The top city: Seoul, South Korea in which Jalopnik said the transit system is “unreal.” A coordinated network allows riders to use the same metro card for subway, buses and taxis. The subway map system is simple and user friendly, with larger and less-crowded cars than in Tokyo.

See the full list of cities at Jalopnik.


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