We Want To Hear Your Stories. Write For Curbing Cars

We've had student written stories from all over the country. Join our stable of writers,

We’ve had student written stories from all over the country. Join our stable of writers.

Curbing Cars is telling stories of how people are rethinking the way they get around. And who better to tell those stories than you?

We offer these opportunities for you to write for us. Send your ideas to curbingcars@gmail.com. All submissions should be 500 words or less. We welcome photos and video. Include a phone number in case we have questions.

Before you pitch us a story, read the Columbia Journalism Review cover story about us.  Also, take a look at our site so that you don’t duplicate a story we’ve already written. We also do not accept stories that you have written for other publications, except your own blog.

Here are the categories where you can write for us. (Note: we only pay for student-written stories.)

My Transportation Diary. How do you use transportation each week? Keep some notes on your daily use of your car, bike, public transit, and your own two feet. Write them up, and put “My Transportation Diary” in the subject line.

We’ll regularly post the best versions of My Transportation Diary here on the site, and we’ll be compiling your data for the Curbing Cars ebook. Read the latest episodes of My Transportation Diary here.

Bike Share Review. Have you tried out Bixi in Montreal, Citi Bike in New York, Divvy Bikes in Chicago, or Bay Area Bike Share? Is there a bike share system on your campus? We’d like to get your Bike Share Review.

Put “Bike Share Review” in the subject line and tell us where you rode, how much you spent, whether you’ve become a member, what you thought of the bike, and any general impressions. We’ll run the best ones on CurbingCars.com and include some in the ebook. Read some Bike Share Reviews here.

My View. Curbing Cars welcomes essays on transportation topics. We cannot accept essays promoting political candidates, or anything your organization is selling, such as goods or services. Put “My View” in the subject line.

College student story ideas. Curbing Cars recently received a donation that will pay for reported stories by college students, at the undergraduate or graduate level. We’ve already featured stories from students at New York University, Tulane University, the University of Missouri and the University of Texas. We’d love to have more colleges represented.

You do not have to be a journalism student to suggest an idea, although we want to know that you are able to write. Story fees will depend on the quality and length of the story. These are the only stories for which Curbing Cars is able to offer compensation.

Send your pitches, ideas and questions to curbingcars@gmail.com.


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