My Transportation Diary: Living Without A Car In Houston

By Micheline Maynard

How often do you see cows on your commute?

How often do you see cows on your commute?

When you think of Texas, you think of pickup trucks and Cadillacs, right? David Lippert doesn’t. He, his wife and his child are managing to get along without a car.

Dave is able to fill his transportation needs by walking and riding the bus. He goes to work, shops at Walmart, and handles everything else car free. He even gets to see livestock during his commute.

Here’s Dave’s diary.

“Monday – Friday.  7:30 am – walk to West Road and Greens Crossing, 66 bus south, transfer to 108 downtown at Shepherd Park and Ride.  Get off at Jefferson Street.  ~50 minutes. $1.25

 5:00 pm – 108 north to West Mt. Houston.  Fiesta grocery store, Walgreens and taco truck at transfer point and used occasionally as needed.  Bus 66 N to West Road and Greens Crossing.  1.5 hours $1.25

Cross busy street carefully.  Walk to apartments.

 Special trip
Friday – spouse and kid came downtown for lunch and public library.
10 minute walk to 102 South bus (West Road at I45).  30 minute ride to downtown $1.25 +$.60
Return trip on 102 North to West Rd.  30 minutes $1.25+$.60
10 minute walk back to apartment.

Special trip
Saturday – 10 minute walk to 102 bus north to Greenspoint Nall for school uniform.  $1.25 times 2 adults + $.60 1 child. 10 minute ride.  10 minute walk to mall (able to be walked but not “walkable”).
Reverse trip, 102 bus south picked up in front of mall.  10 minute ride south to 45 & west.  $1.25  times 2 adults + $.60 child

Sunday – 10 minute walk each way to Walmart for weekly grocery run.
Cart without locking wheel obtained from apartment stash.  Sidewalk exists from apartment to shopping area.

Hope that helps.  There’s also a couple of convenience stores at 45 and West that are “walkable” for beer runs.”

Thanks, Dave! You’ve changed our perception of Houston.

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