You Offered Advice For Anne. Here’s What She’s Going To Do

Anne's 1998 Honda Civic. Will it stay or go?

Anne’s 1998 Honda Civic. Will it stay or go?

By Micheline Maynard

We had some wonderful responses to our request for Advice For Anne. She’s a Curbing Cars reader in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who asked for help as she figured out what to do about her 1998 Honda Civic.

Anne has read your suggestions, and here’s her message for everyone.

“Thank you to all the wonderful comments from the Curbing Cars readers.  They provided very helpful perspectives on going Car Free and very thought provoking ideas and experiences.

I am going to keep my car for now, but not use it except on rare occasions where a car is helpful – picking my friend up at the bus station, going to an appointment out of town, going to a friend’s house after the buses stop.

Even with these three trips, I see how I can do without having a car. I have some good suggestions from Curbing Cars participants on how to live car free.  My goal is to be car free.

I am not going to put a lot of money into my car, but right now it is running well so I will use it for these three types of trips until it needs repairs.  I will not be buying a new car.

In the spring, I will get a used Dutch style bike with panniers or a shopping cart for groceries.  In the meantime I will walk and use the bus for groceries and day-to-day events.  I will use public transportation to visit family in other states.  I notice that I can even get kitty litter delivered free on Amazon so I will be exploring delivery possibilities also.

I may even decide at the end of January to sell my car while I can get a good price for it.  January will be my trial month.

I may decide that as long as I have a car, I cannot get a good test for being car free, and if that is the case I may decide to sell the car. If I can do groceries and my day-to-day events in January here in Michigan, then I can do without a car in all weather.

Curbing Cars responders have given me much to think about. Thank you once again.

All the best for 2014,


You can read all the Advice For Anne here.

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