Stay Tuned For The Return Of The Curbing Cars Podcast

Earlier this month, the Curbing Cars project returned to bring you original journalism about the future of transportation.

On Monday, the Curbing Cars podcast returns, too. It’s our holiday treat to you.

We’ll be talking about the stories we’ve covered this past month — and give you some extra insight.

Colin Beresford joins me to discuss the big upheaval at Ford, Detroit’s new QLine, the issues faced by Uber and the big mess in big city public transportation.

You’ll also hear what a millennial — namely Colin — thinks about owning an automobile.

We’re hoping to make the podcast a regular monthly feature. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, we’re looking for someone to foot the bill. We’d love to find an underwriter to pick up the cost of the studio time we need to make the podcast sound terrific. Feel free to email us at for more information.

Meanwhile, listen to the first-ever Curbing Cars podcast from a few years ago. You’ll hear Mark Remillard, former Curbing Cars intern, who is now an anchor and reporter at ABC Radio in New York.

And, join us on Monday. We’ll post the podcast here, on SoundCloud and on iTunes.


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