My Transportation Diary — Your Contribution To Curbing Cars

Send us your contributions to My Transportation Diary

Send us your contributions to My Transportation Diary

By Claudia Payne

Curbing Cars has made its Kickstarter goal. Now it’s time to get to work and we want your help with a new feature we’re calling My Transportation Diary.

Would you share with us your stories of how you get around this coming week?

What transportation choices were available to you? What combination could you choose from (car, bus, taxi, bike share, hourly rental, etc)? How did you make use of them and how did they work out?

And how did you feel about it all?

At Curbing Cars, we’ve been compiling data on the rapidly expanding networking of sharing programs, for bikes, rides and cars. In some places, public transportation has adapted. In others, it’s a weak link.

With the help of such innovations as deft new apps and collapsible bicycles, we know that people are customizing their strategies. You’re no longer just tied to a car, or limited to taking the subway. Transportation has become a portfolio.

Your stories will tell how these developments are actually being lived during one week in mid-August 2013. Rick Meier will be quantifying all your transportation uses and he’ll post a report we know will show lots of interesting data.

Here’s what your diary can include:

— How much time did you spend commuting to work, traveling to your vacation spot, or moving between business meetings? If you’re a telecommuter, how much did you use a form of transportation this week?

— What was the estimated cost — for tickets, gasoline, parking, taxi fares, bike use, tips?

— How many different types of transportation did you use?

— What did you do while you were in transit? Did you listen to music? Eat? Catch up on email? Play Dots? Sleep?

— What did you wear? What did you carry — an athletic bag, messenger bag, extra clothes, extra shoes, hand sanitizer?

In mid-August, you might be anywhere. Work. Vacation. Staycation. Retirement. Parenting. They are all part of the picture.

Jot down a few notes about getting around each day and send them to us by next weekend. Remember to put My Transportation Diary in the subject line, and send it to We’d love to see your photos and video, too.

Then check back to see how it all came together. You’ll be making history.

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