My Transportation Diary: Parking And Walking In Ohio

By Micheline Maynard

Even though a lot of us own cars, we’ve made a resolution to walk more. Brian Goodman, of Circleville, Ohio, has put that resolution into action. Here’s his Transportation Diary, which involves parking and walking.

Brian's lonely car.

Brian’s lonely car.

Says Brian,

“Until recently, I was commuting 40 miles each way, which took an hour in the morning, and sometimes up to two hours to get home in the evenings. Living in a small town, there are only a couple employers large enough to need the type of work I do so commuting or moving were the only options.

I finally got a job at one of the local employers, I started two weeks ago. I took a pay cut and gave up some very nice benefits in the process. Even after only two weeks I’m sure this was the right move.

Now, my weekly commute consists of driving my old commuter car on Monday morning, and leaving it sit at work all week in case I need quick transportation. Monday evening, I walk the mile and a half home from work. The rest of the week I walk, except Friday afternoon when I bring my car home.

It’s also convenient for me to stop at a smaller grocery store on the way home, which makes it easier to cook at home more, saving even more car trips.

I’ve really enjoyed having 25 minutes to relax and unwind after work while walking instead of adding more stress dealing with traffic. I’m sure it will lead to weight loss as well.

I have co-workers that live even closer than I do, I’m hoping I’ll eventually inspire them to start walking or at least biking to work.”

Have you followed in Brian’s footsteps? We’d love to hear your stories of walking to work.

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