My Transportation Diary: Driving And Cycling In North Carolina

By Micheline Maynard

We’ve launched a regular feature called My Transportation Diary, asking you to tell us how you get around. My Transportation Diary

It’s a great way to compare notes, see transportation trends in different parts of the country, and hear thoughts from people who are mixing up their transportation options.

In this episode, Dan Leinbach, who lives in North Carolina, shares his diary. He came to us through Jalopnik, the automotive enthusiast site, where Curbing Cars has a Kinja page. You’re welcome to read our posts and take part in the conversation. Dan’s Jalopnik screen name is Thunder.

Here’s Dan’s diary:

I work from home full-time.  I think the nearest office of my company is maybe Richmond, VA.  I’m in Apex, a suburb of Raleigh, NC.  My normal day consists of taking my daughter to school (about 2 miles each way); mid afternoon, she’s dropped back off at home.  Most evenings she has some kind of activity to attend, all very local.  Saturday, my wife took our daughter to her cheer practice (roughly 5 miles) while I took my mountain bike to the same destination.  There, I met up with a friend who is trying to get into riding, and we rode about 7 miles.  After that, we went to lunch in downtown Apex, a distance of perhaps two miles from home.

Sunday, I drove to Cary, NC (roughly 5 miles each way) to get bagels for the rest of the family, then I drove down to a group ride with TeamCBC, in Holly Springs, NC.  The Strava report from that ride is here.

Monday was the only real substitution I managed, when she forgot to take something to school with her in the morning.  She so advised me as I dropped her off; I rode there, then took a short ride after.  That evening, I took her to and from dance practice on the south side of Apex – that was about three miles each way; I came home while she was there.

Tuesday was a just about standard day:  My daughter to school, then I return home.  Late afternoon take her to dance, return home, then go retrieve her

Thursday was the same, but with an evening ride.

Friday was again the same, but added a very casual short ride with my father around lunchtime. He was on my recumbent BikeE; I was on my single speed.  After I got him back to a point where he could reasonably return home, I did about 3-4 miles at a reasonable effort before having to return home for a conference call.

There’s one week.

There is no alternative transportation that makes the remotest sense in this suburban area.  Choices are car, bike, or walk.  Walking downtown is a bit much.  I could walk across the street to the shopping center there, but it’s really not laid out to be pedestrian friendly.

I bought my very cheap single speed bike specifically with the idea in mind of using it to run errands.  It’s set up with fenders and clips and straps (vs clipless) so I can use street shoes on it; the 46×16 gear is a little high for the hills around here, though.  It does get used for that purpose on occasion, but more than anything else it’s a go-to when the weather is iffy.”

Thanks to Dan for taking part in My Transportation Diary.

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